Why use Coupons & Deals? Is there any benefit?

Would you go right past a $50 cash laying on the sidewalk if you were strolling down the street? Please. Isn't it a stupid question?

Consider finding that $50 once a week for a year. “Free money?” can you say it? That is exactly how much the average family of four can save each week by using coupons.

Using coupons has become practically second nature. You can now find the offers you want when you want them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week—no need to wait for the Sunday newspaper.

Consider this: if you buy one box of cereal every week and start utilising a “$1 off” coupon every time, you'll have an extra $52 in your pocket at the end of the year, and that's only for one item. Easy!

Coupons are no longer simply for groceries. Coupons are available for anything from infant food to pet food, pharmaceuticals, personal care goods, cleaning materials, office supplies, and baby supplies.

To master the fundamentals, set aside around 30 minutes per week, and you'll be well on your way to saving thousands of dollars per year.

Consider it like giving yourself a raise, and here's the lesson to show you how:

Hello and welcome to Coupons!

First things first:

Set up a separate email account for coupons and manufacturer newsletters. You may keep your savings separate from your personal or professional email in this way.

Subscribe to the newsletters of your favourite stores and manufacturers by visiting their websites. Save all of the weekly grocery store ads that arrive in the mail.

After you've gathered all of your supplies, set aside 30 minutes each week to sit down and plan meals based on store discounts and coupons. Ideally, you should do this on the day the store advertisements arrive in the mail.

Print coupons from easy-coupons.com or save them directly to your store loyalty card. This is also the time to check your savings email account for any good discounts for the coming week.

Check your local newspapers and magazines for additional coupons as well.

The ultimate goal is to find coupons that can be used on sale items because you are maximising your savings. Try to incorporate as many of these double offers as possible into your weekly meal.

When shopping, keep an eye out for extra deals like “Black Friday,” which come once a year but could save you hundreds of dollars if you want to buy high priced household items.

If an item is on sale but out of stock, most stores will issue you a rain check to buy it at a later date. Some stores may even give you a rain check if you have coupons. If your coupon is close to expiring, but the item is out of stock, ask the store manager to stamp or sign it so you can use it later.

Let's take coupons to the next level!

Using plastic holders and dividers, organise your coupons in a binder. Make a note of the expiration dates.

Determine the sale cycles. Several stores offer necessities such as paper goods, cereal, and bread for rock-bottom costs to entice you into the store. If you pay attention to the store cycles, you may notice patterns—typically, cycles span 12 weeks.

If your coupons don't scan or a cashier refuses to take them, don't be afraid to speak up or request management. It's also a good idea to have a store's coupon policy with you when you go shopping.

Let a specific product or maker know how much you love it. Send them an email explaining why you love their product and asking if they have any coupons. It can't hurt to give it a shot.

Want to play PRO on money savings?

Increase your savings. Assume you print two identical coupons for hairdryers, but they each state, “one coupon per purchase.”

In general, you can't use both coupons on the same hairdryer, but if you were to buy two hairdryers, you might be able to use one coupon for each in the same transaction.

Always find a coupon code whenever you make an online purchase. At the very least, you will frequently find complimentary shipping.

Coupon codes can also be stacked at select online stores, but they must be for various types of promotions. For example, you could use a free shipping code in addition to a 20% off code, but you couldn't use a 15% off code on top of a 20% off code.

When a store doubles (or even triples) the value of a single coupon, this is known as coupon doubling. This is usually presented as a special store promotion or as a customer appreciation event.

The manufacturer reimburses the store for the face value of the coupon, but the store pays for the additional double or triple savings out of pocket.

Aside from this exemption, coupons can only be used once because a store loses money if a single coupon is scanned more than once.

Find thoughts

Always check the payoff: You'll find the amount saved towards the bottom of your receipts. Keep track of your receipts to see how much money you're saving.

Remember, coupons are essentially free money, so why would you refuse it?

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